Face creams are designed to increase circulation, stimulate facial muscles and energise the skin’s appearance; the facial cream is the perfect way to energise your skin for the day ahead or relax your face for a restful night’s sleep. The reason behind applying face cream is to keep our skin fresh, nourished, healthy, moist and beautiful. Face cream is to be used in small amounts and not in bulk which is simply a waste. In the case of face cream, it is not the quantity that matters it is the quality. Start applying small amounts and increase from there until you have determined the correct amount to use on your skin. Facial beauty care products should be implemented correctly and sparingly. Let us discuss the benefits:

Lightens Skin Tone
One of the ideal solution to brighten the skin tone is through the regular usage of aloe vera face cream followed by sunscreen lotions. Skin tanning and sunburns are caused due to excess exposure of skin to sun’s radiation. Aloe vera face cream lightens the skin tone naturally as there is no presence of any harmful chemicals.

Reduces pigmentation & Dark Spots
Spots and patches on the face can be embarrassing. Sarv aloe vera Fairness Cream reduces the appearance of spots and other blemishes on your face. Its natural ingredients are very effective, and especially aloe vera is said to treat pigmentation and blemishes.

Nourishes & Moisturises Skin
Keeping skin clean and moisturised is the best way to remove dark spots on face quickly and make it look brighten, lighten and spotless. To get rid of blemishes and spots naturally, use aloe vera Fairness Cream.

Protect Skin From the Sun
Sun Protection Factor is a measure of how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays. Aloe Vera Cream protects your skin from harmful rays of the sun Worry no more when you are under the sun; because aloe cream will guard your skin.

Total Skin Care
aloe vera Fairness Cream is not just a fairness cream, but it is a complete skin care formula as well. It offers several advantages such as: reduces the appearance of dark spots, healthy and young skin with bright complexion; protects your skin from harmful rays of the Sun and other external factors.

Formulated for All Skin Types
Just clean the face and neck thoroughly, apply aloe vera cream all over the face and neck in upward circular motions, use twice or more than that a day, as required. Use after the bath and before going to bed. Suitable for all skin type.

Effective for Both Men & Women
You, men and women alike, are the reason we’ve created this product. It can be used by anyone regardless of age, colour and gender.

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